A Diva is Born

February 22, 2007

EvilBaritone and Goonie are on their way to Babies R’ Us to purchase some items to Bobo-proof the house. (Baby Klingons have a propensity for climbing and getting into every cabinet, drawer, and light socket available.)

On the way they pass a bar with the following on their marquee:


EB: Hey, Goonie, you think Daddy should enter the karaoke contest to win a thousand bucks?

Goonie: No, ’cause I would win.

A diva is born. American Idol contestants watch out!

One comment

  1. Go, Goonie!!!!! Us women (of all ages) have to keep your Daddy in his proper place…

    ps EB: I SENT YOU AN E-MAIL (did you get it yet?)

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