My Baby’s A First Grader

June 11, 2008

Today my oldest child, my firstborn, my baby, the Goon, is officially graduated into 1st grade. How can this happen? It seems like only yesterday my baby was 4 and visiting Disneyland for the first time. And only the day before she was 2 and on an Alaskan cruise. A year of Kindergarten has passed like the wind blowing the snow on Mt. Hood as I speak.

(WAIT! — did he say snow? In June!?!)

Yes, I said snow.

Record cold temps in Portland and low snow levels have extended the skiing season in to the summer. WTF!?! I split from Montana 13 years ago to get away from cold, freezing temps and snow. Now I’m smack in the middle of winter in JUNE! So all you freaks in the northeast having a heatwave, just bite me!

And you know who else can bite me? The geniuses proclaiming the “Global Warming” effect. Yup, that’s right…bite me with those cold, chattering teeth!

Ok, ok, you might be figuring that I’m a little grumpy right now due to the weather. That may be so, but my grumpiness is offset by the joy of rehearsing Les Miserable. After six days of rehearsal we’re nearly finished blocking the show. We open in 17 days so you can bet we’ll be getting bi’dness done here this week. Our Jean Valjean is a veteran of the Les Mis stage, having previously toured the show. He sounds awesome! I’ll disclose more about him later. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show y’all my new 19th Century French student revolutionary sideburns.


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