Oh my God, I’m writing a Novel!

January 8, 2013

First, pay no attention to the distance between the last post and this one. I’m back now and that’s where we begin!

This post is the first of many along the journey of writing my first novel. Said novel has been about 12 years in the making, as I have had concepts, ideas, starts, stops, mental rejects, do-overs. I’ve shelved the idea. I’ve collected other ideas for novels in my little black Moleskine book. I’ve experienced dreams that I believed would make a great novel. But still nothing has come of it. Why? Because I’m a procrastinator and a big one at that. But mostly because I’m a chicken-shit.

We’re all set up with the fear of failure. And I don’t claim exemption. But here’s my internal and subconscious thought process: if I can’t write it the way I want, and have it turn out as a best seller comparable to King, Crichton, Grisham, or Rowling, then why bother.

But I’ve recognized that irrational fear. And now it is time to stomp on it. Why? Because I’m getting too damn old and I gotta do it now or just give up, man.

So here I reclaim my blog and document my journey as I write this blasted novel. I am glad I realized early in the process that the blog should follow along. Who knows – perhaps my experience could be helpful to others. And it could keep me on track.

So here’s what I promise: I’ll write posts with updated stats on the novel itself, provide information and reviews of the tools I’m using, spill guts on the psychology of writing a novel, include tips on plot development, promote ideas on publishing, and provide other resources, both online and off.

So far the novel is begun and is estimated about 2,000 words with 2 scenes written. That leaves a long way to go. And you get to join me along the way! Let’s go!

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