A Procrastinating Writer’s Dialogue

June 12, 2015

<sigh> Ok, time to sit down and write. Now, where’s my laptop? I know I left it on the coffee table by the couch. It’s not there. Alright then, I’ll go grab a cookie while I look for it. Oh look, Oreos! I’ll grab two. Ok, three. Now where did that laptop go? Mmmm… I need a glass of milk now for these cookies.
Should I stop at three Oreos? Yes, I guess I should. Lunch is just an hour away. Now, did the laptop end up on my desk? Nope. Oh, I bet it’s in my backpack. No, not there either. Alright, I’ll just finish these cookies and my glass of milk before I start looking.

Oh look, there’s my laptop on the dining room table. I forgot I left it there. Ok, turn it on and boot up while I finish my Oreos. Maybe just one more Oreo…

Gah, stupid computer. Takes so long to boot up. That does it – I need a new computer. Or better yet, a new tablet with a keyboard. That way I can write anywhere. No excuses. I don’t know how writer’s ever got a book finished being chained to their desktop.

Ok, everything’s up. Open my software. It’s thinking…thinking… well, while it’s thinking I better go to the bathroom before I get way into my novel…

Oh hi kitty! No, I have to write now. You can’t walk across my laptop and demand attention. Ok, a little attention, then I’m nose to the grindstone. There, now go away. Shoo.

Better check email before I get into the novel. Junk. Junk. Spam. Delete. Delete. Delete. What’s happening on Facebook? Oooo, I’m tagged in a photo! Oh yeah. Fun times. Wait..no! I’ve got to focus on the novel.

Aw, hi Buster. Do you need to go for a walk? Yes, ok. Let’s go….

That’s all, Buster. No more ball chase. Gotta work. Oy, it’s lunchtime already. What’s leftover in the fridge…

Ok, lunch complete. Now to get on my novel. Now where did I leave off…wait! I haven’t updated my blog in a while. What will my readers think? I better write a quick post. Now, what to write…<sigh>

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