Who is CoffeShop Pop?

I’m a single dad with two very adorable daughters.  For this blog the cast is as follows:

Goonie – 15 yrs.  9th Grade.  A percussionista who digs all things loud and all the new hairstyles. Her alter-ego is a smartypants book nerd. With cell phone in hand she’ll Skype with friends for 11 straight hours – without even a pee break.  Li’l Goon is gonna rise to the top and be the next rock star!

Bobo – 12 yrs.  6th Grade.  A once stout kid who was a Klingon Warrior in a previous life.  Now she is pre-teen “Idunno, whatever” attitude who prefers the sedate, leisurely life. Claim to fame? She holds the world’s record for being the pickiest eater.

CoffeeShop Pop – Forty-mumblesomethingmumble divorced father who looks forward to being with my girls two weekends a month.  Typically an unassuming mild-mannered accountant by day,but by night I become a fetching and talented Actor and Singer.  Here on this blog, CoffeeShop Pop attempts to highlight the adventures of creative freelance writing and raising daughters in a crazy, frantic, mad world.


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